EasySaver Rewards in Fayetteville, Arkansas - Easy saver took $19.80 out of my checking, and i did not give them my acct. #


I have been cybering different computer sites for contests, sweepstakes, etc.. I don't give my banking acct # to these sites. I want the $19.80 put back in my acct. this should be against the law to withdraw without the customer's consent. I will probably not enter any more sweepstakes or survey sites. I've had other sites do this to me also, your not the first one.

darlene thompson



ps: I call the easy saver # and canceled the acct. Please let me know what you find out. my ph. # on the acct is 479-466-8649.

Monetary Loss: $19.


Cars, Aquitaine, France #32715

Easy Saver took out $19.80 out of my account several times without my consent! What thives!

That's against the law. What should I do to get this money back? Another one is home Source.

These people should be dealt with immediately! Agree?

Rosharon, Texas, United States #9972

I was just going over my bank acct online and noticed two charges that I didnot recognize from EZSVER RW, one for $1.95 and one for $14.95. I googled it and found all these complaints.

Did you get your money back?

Does it do any good to cancel? What should I do?

Leander, Texas, United States #9721

They ripped me off to I did not know that they would charge. They took 19.98 out of my acct.

EasySaver Rewards in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Stole from my 90 year old father.


American Leisure And Easy Saver

Phone: 888-595-9379


6330 Hollister Ave

Goleta, California, 93117


Charged a 90 year old man $14.95 twice a month, for God knows how long, with no authorization.

When called we were told that 4 payments would be credited, but we do not know if we were talking to a company representative or some stooge from the credit card issuer.

If you do a google search, you will find hundreds of complaints against this firm, and nothing is being done.

Once again, preying on the elderly and those least able to pay.



Easy Savers is also associated with Oriental Trading. How can they justify hurting a non-profit PTA organization? No stamina.

Steele, Alabama, United States #14386

I got my card today good thing i looked this up before i was charged

Mukilteo, Washington, United States #11044
My husbands bank card was charged 16.95 a month for two months. We have no idea who easy saver is I call the number on our statement.

They didn't argue like it happens all the time for me to get my money back.

and apparently it does happen all the time. :( luckily they gave me my money a little at time.

EasySaver Rewards in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Easy Saver Reward - Cherry Moon Farms (ProFlowers)

Not resolved

Simply wanted to order a fruit basket from CherryMoonFarms (www.cherrymoonfarms.com) to send to grieving friend and ended up with unauthorized membership to EasySaverRewards (www.easysaverrewards.com) aka Encore Marketing International. They billed my credit card used to purchase fruit for $1.95 and then $14.95 even after I followed their cancellation process to the letter.

Cancellation for something I never knowingly agreed to. Do NOT buy online at Cherry Moon Farms or ProFlowers and save yourself a headache. This is fraud as far as I'm concerned. Snakes in the grass--watch your back!

Do the research on Google. Complaints all over the place.

Send notes of displeasure to companies involved with Easy Saver and give them heck!



I can't seem to get this cancelled, because I don't have a membership number...of course I don't...I DIDN"T SIGN UP FOR THIS...

$14.95 on my credit card....I almost missed it....


I ordered a fruit basket for my friend back in Dec 09 and I got charged $1.95 in Dec, $14.95 in Jan, and $14.95 in Feb. I did not authorize for the enrollment and definitely did not authorize for the monthly charges.

This is a SCAM.

I will never order from Proflowers or any of their related vendors. I am very disappointed and I will for sure twitter this scam.


What a rip off ! They used a press for coupon to steal my money. I was unknowingly signed up for easy saver after ordering from cherry moon farms & proflowers.Its no wonder this country is in the shape its in, somebody is forever out there to screw the hard working consumers out of their hard earned money !


This is disgusting. Same thing happened to me. Pro Flowers is a joke.


Ilya, I didn't think that I signed up either. Did they offer you a coupon for your next purchase?

That's what happened with me. I clicked to accept coupon, and that's apparently how I got signed up for Easy Savers. I did not read the fine print closely enough. I kept emailing Encore International over and over and then called twice, and then contacted my credit card issuer who was the one who reversed the charges.

I have not heard from Easy Savers again. Good luck!

I never even signed up for the Easy Saver offer after ordering my mom some flowers from ProFlowers, but was charged $1.95 and then $14.95 for each following month. I'm going to call them in 15 minutes when they open, and demand a full refund of $76.70.

If that doesn't work, I'll call CapitalOne (used CC) and I know they will take care of me.


I suggest that you mail a letter with return receipt for verification to the address given at the EasySaver Rewards website (aka Encore Marketing International). Call their 1-800 number.

I had to call twice to get someone to agree to cancel and refund my money. If this doesn't work and you used a credit card, contact your credit card issuer and fill out the paper work to start a 'charge back.' They'll get your refund for you but require proof that you attempted to resolve your complaint. And stay away from Pro-Flowers and their cute 15 dollar promo.

It's bogus and a rip off! I'm still pissed even though I got a refund.


call your bank and they will close that account.

Kewaunee, Wisconsin, United States #28052

I ordered Father's day fruit baskets for my father and father-in-law from Cherry Moon Farms - I checked a box that asked if I wanted a 15 dollars off the next order - never received it, didn't think anything of it. I have had $14.95 deducted from my account this and last month.

I've tried to call but work during their business hours. My son states look it up, sure enough looks like a RIP OFF.

I will never do business with Cherry Moon again. They better make it right!!

Bad Bellingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany #23742

I found out today they were ripping me off my credit card for the last year. Yes, just call them and tell them you wnat your money back. What a scam, pro flowers is..call local florist from now on..the ol fashion way.

Omro, Wisconsin, United States #18455

I just now called them and asked them to cancel 1-800-444-9491. What a rip from Cherry Moon Farms. I just cannot believe what these companies are doing to people.

Lawrence, Michigan, United States #6230

I just sent flowers to my friend to get well...it said click here for $15 coupon, so i entered my email (and credit card) automatically and signed me up for easy saver....what the heck, this is nuts

Garnerville, New York, United States #5405

never will i buy from proflowers again. i have on my email signature to not buy from proflowers.com

Winchester, Massachusetts, United States #3253

Go to www.easysaverrewards.com. Or call this number 1800-355-1837

Cabazon, California, United States #2277
:cry i already joined that *** easy rewards program before i even read this.. now im in trouble!!

my god.. can anyone tell me how to cancel the membership pls??
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