EasySaver Rewards in Asheville, North Carolina - Payment Easy Saver


My son orderred something on line 2 years ago and somehow got a "membership" in this program. He did not even know he was paying for it bc he is 17 yrs old and does not routinely check his account.

I had to talk to 2 different heavily accented persons and make a big stink to get the membership cancelled and was also offerred a $90 refund.

We will see if refund happens. Total rip off. Always check bank statements for these scams. I have read other complaints on the internet about this company and its misleading charges and memberships.

EasySaver Rewards in Washington, District Of Columbia - Easy Saver stole over $900 from me!

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We just noticed today that $14.95 has been deducted from our bank account EVERY month for the last 5 YEARS for something we didn't even know existed! I just called and they were only willing to refund $89.70.

They said that we "signed up" for our membership to Easy Saver through Proflowers. Because they tricked us into entering an email address while trying to checkout! They're definitely going to be hearing from our attorney.

I should also bring up the point that when I asked what Easy Saver even was...the only thing they could tell me was...it was a "Savings Membership".

Of course, I asked them how much I saved from it and they couldn't reply. I then said, "Negative $900".



I just discovered this fraud over the weekend. I can't believe I didn't realize I was being charged for this for 2 years!

I feel like such an ***, but at the same time I feel like I've been completely robbed, too. All I wanted was flowers, and the only person I send flowers to from proflowers.com is my mother! I will never order from them again! After I completely flipped out when the sales rep told me I'd been a "member" since 2009 and said she could refund me for one month's worth of charges I started screaming about how I'd looked this up on line and seen hundreds of others taking action from these secret, fraudulent charges.

In the midst of my tirade she offered to give me a full refund and I got a confirmation number, but I'm still worried.

I keep thinking what if she just said that to shut me up? For those who have gotten refunds, do you have any advice on how I can make sure I'm getting one?


Same exact thing happened to me. I was being charged for 26 months and didnt know it.

I contacted ProFlowers and threatened them with a fraud investigation through my bank. Let's just say that sparked their interest and they're refunding the full amount, over $380, plus the $1.95 sign up fee.


I just went through this today and I pushed for a higher manager, actually went through three of them before they finally agreed to refund 12 months and send me the additional three months in a check. We'll see if I actually receive it.

If they won't budge, tell them the next call is to the Attorney General's office. Good luck!


Why doesn't that wikileaks *** report on sh*t like this???????????????????


I just got charged this 16.95 on the 21st, and I'm not even sure what I accidentally signed up for! i was already negative on the account because *** x box live, and then i get charged this and im looking at negative 180 bucks because of a 7 dollar daility overdraft fee. They're out of Maryland from what I see on the e notice, but my suspicions lead me to believe that this *** is tied into the banks we're using to try and save money.

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EasySaver Rewards in Belleville, New Jersey - Unauthorized credit card charges


I ordered Loral Langemeier material on a free trial basis and was immediately saddled with offers for ad ons. She has infomercials on Manhattan radio stations and brags about being on Dr. Phil.

I was told by the Loral Langemeier representative that the EZ Saver trial offer was part of the "free" Loral Langemeier order, and I could cancel it any time. I called the next day and cancelled the order. This was in October 2010.

This past week, January 18, 2011, the fraud department of my bank called me to ask if charges by EZ Saver and American Leisure had been authorized by me. I never received coupons, and never heard of Amer. Leisure in the offer. Who would authorize $33.90 charges per month to save money? In all they charged $101.00 to my account that I became aware of with the fraud call from my bank.

I called the telephone number of EZ Saver given to me by the Fraud Department. The representative of EZ Saver who answered sounded as though he was in India, and said he is in Blue Ridge Summit, PA. He was unflappable, as though he is used to being harangued by irate callers.

He told me he would credit my account for $101.90 that day. He also tried to sell me a continuing subscription to these "deals!"

I checked my deposits for the day and was credited $33.90 only! I have his confirmation number.

Monetary Loss: $101.

EasySaver Rewards in Longmont, Colorado - Easy Saver Fraud!

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I have never signed up for Easy Saver and yet somehow they have access to my checking account information. I have called to cancel and nobody seems to know what the heck they are doing. They are reluctant to give information to me and request personal information from me. I am going to report them as fraudulant activity on my account. be aware and always check your accounts people!

so i have to have 100 words in this review so i am just typing and typing and typing until i hit 100 words.. am i there yet? almost there... FINALLY!~



EasySaver Rewards in Fresno, California - Easysaver. com rip off due to oriental trading company

Not resolved

the following is a manuscript of a live general chat with oriental trading company online customer (with spelling corrections) service explaning my concerns aocount there pactice of refering and or helping getting money from customers by offering a so called discount when completing your order them and signing up with EASYSAVER.COM (what a joke) by offering a discount but not realy do not explaining in the long run it will cost you more money then what you save on the order. just be careful when buying something on the internet.

7:46:04 AM : Mary has joined this session!

7:46:04 AM : Connected with Mary. Your Reference Number for this chat is 157431.

7:46:04 AM : Hi tom, my name is Mary. I will be happy to assist you.

7:46:15 AM : tom: hello

7:48:29 AM : tom: i just wanted to let your company know that i am very displeased with it. oriental trading company sold or gave my information to a third party and the have had my credit card number for over a year now and Easysaver.com have been charging my account 15.oo a month for a membership with them (easy saver) that i have never hear of or used

7:49:40 AM : tom: i will be passing this on to everyone that i know that uses oriental trading company this is not a good practaice for customer retention

7:49:59 AM : Mary: An Easy Saver Specialist would be the best person to help you with your questions. You may contact them directly at 1-888-303-9543.

7:50:52 AM : Mary: The Easysaver program is only offered on the website at the end of placing an order. The customer must accept the offer for them to charge you. We do not give them the customers information.

7:51:49 AM : tom: i have and closed this so called membership that cost me over 100.00 that is what was changed by them.

7:52:49 AM : Mary: In order to receive the certificate offer from Easy Saver you must complete the checkout process on our web site. After choosing to claim your $10 certificate you will be taken to Easy Saver's web site to register for a membership. Once you activate your membership with Easy Saver, your certificate will be provided in the form of a Merchandise Certificate code with redemption instructions from Easy Saver. An Easy Saver Specialist would be the best person to help you with your questions. You may contact them directly at 1-888-303-9543.

7:54:00 AM : tom: thank you i just wanted someone there know what this company maybe doing to your customers. please close my account and remove me from you mailing list what information do you need to do this

7:55:15 AM : Mary: I have requested that this address be removed from our catalog mailing list. Since our catalogs are printed well in advance, you may receive one or two more catalogs. We do not keep credit card information on file. You have also been placed on the do not rent list.

7:55:20 AM : Mary: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

7:55:34 AM : Mary: I have forwarded your concerns to management.

7:55:46 AM : tom: no thank you

7:56:35 AM : Mary: Tom, I am happy I could assist you. If you need any further assistance, please feel free to email me at: orders@oriental.com.

7:56:35 AM : Mary has left this session!

7:56:35 AM : The session has ended!

EasySaver Rewards in Florence, Kentucky - Easy Saver - Pro Flower Payback

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Not resolved

I like many fell victim to this scam. I was able to get half back after speaking to the customer service person in India.

They know you think it's a moral victory and are on to the next victim. Also sent an email to the CEO of ProFlowers...but know that will fall on deaf ears. SO....

The best method is to Google search "flowers" or "send flowers" once a day from work, home.. etc.

Then click on the "sponsored link" for Proflowers in the list.

They probably pay a buck or more for each click. It takes a little time, but when you take my money...it's personal.

Monetary Loss: $90.


Delaware City, Delaware, United States #240144

I am from the Island of Trinidad in the carribbean. Just watched my husband credit card statement, only to find out the same scam is before us.

I sent my cousin flowers for forgetting her birthday and we have been charged for an entire year. The Currency rate is TT $6.48 to US $1.00 so you know at 14.95US a month is almost $100.00 TT dollars my husband is pissed at me. I am even more pissed because this same EZSaver has currupted my old email account so i was never A ricepient of the membership email.

So I'm F>>>ed. My Bank is telling me to contact EZSaver.

EasySaver Rewards in Flower Mound, Texas - EasySaver & Proflowers

Not resolved

Dammit - just found over a year's worth of charges to Easy Saver on my credit card. I am going to call them in the morning and get this 'membership' cancelled ASAP. I have already called and complained to Proflowers - going to call back in the morning to get a supervisor.

Unbelievable that a company like Proflowers is willing to jeopardize their reputation by being associated with a program like this. One simple Google search will show them the number of dupped and very dissatisfied customers. Google 'easy saver 800-355-1837' and most of the top hits are about this scam.

Moral of the story - stop buying flowers for my wife! :-)



i got 12 months refunded and got told a "supervisior" will have to call me back in 2-3 days to refund me the other 6 months, SUCH *** i cant believe this im going to call proflowers tomorrow also to get everything removed


Here, Here!! I just finished up talking with Easy Saver, had no idea that I was being charged.

Total ended up being close to 500 dollars, the first guy offered me 89 dollars and I laughed. Second person I talked to offered me 179 I again laughed! Finally got them to agree to a full refund and then I got on the phone with Proflowers and made sure they knew I was unhappy. Proflowers contacted Easy Saver and made sure I was cancelled and that I was getting a full refund.

Then I had Proflowers remove my credit card information and completely delete me from their system. I will NOT be buying from them again!!!

Hobson, Montana, United States #212048

I just noticed the same thing on my card. 34 monthly charges for $14.95.

I call the phone number listed next to the charge and after speaking with 4 people, they offered to refund the full amount of $525.20. They will offer to refund 6 months, then a year, and etc.

I kept asking for their supervisor and they finally agreed to refund the full amount. Do not settle for partial refund.

EasySaver Rewards in Aliso Viejo, California - Called last month to cancel and got hit with another 14.95 charge

Not resolved

I am pleased to see that we are not the only ones suckered in by this scam: Easysaverrewards.com are clearly taking advantage of the unsuspecting consumer. They must make the enrollment more clear and ask for confirmation before enrolling in Easy Saver Rewards.

I called to cancel last month and here we are with another charge this month; same promises made to remedy.

Is this even legal?

Yes, we used ProFlowers several months ago; I believe that is how we got enrolled against our wishes. My next stop is to find the approriate consumer protection agency and file charges

Monetary Loss: $14.

EasySaver Rewards in Yardley, Pennsylvania - Easy Saver Scam!!! $15.95/mo

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This is a marketing company who claim they can save you money when you have the choice to go online and find your own savings. This is nothing but a total scam operating online.

I have found out that i have been chaged $14.95 per month since January of this year!! I cannot believe companies such as this are able to operate here in the US, scamming consumers.

The best part of it all is, with my busy schedule, I have to get in touch with them in the weekday. This is another pointer that they are a small company who cannot provide customer service by having operators work in the weekends...

Hope you dont fall for this scam and pay for it until someone closes this marketing company!!


:( They have no real answer how they got hold of my credit card number...Thieves

EasySaver Rewards in Lincoln, California - EasySaver & American Leisure RIP OFF

Not resolved

My folks are in the 70s and EasySaver & American Leisure took advantage of them for $542.40 in bi minthly payments of $16.95. The statement was marked "MD" which is also the mark their doctor uses and since they visit the doctor monthly, they figured it was probably them charging their co-pays.

I called to cancel and they wouldn't.

What a great form of elderly abuse.

If anyone would like to contact me at xrcm85 at gmail because I think we should file a class action law suit for the money stolen as well as the headaches caused.

Monetary Loss: $542.

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