EasySaver Rewards in San Francisco, California - Bogus Charges

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They charged are credit card and we have know idea who they are. We want are charge back.

We don't want to have anything to do with easy saver. I check are credit card statement and there they were easy saver. I talked to my wife and we have know idea who they are. I checked easy saver on the internet and they have many complaints of charging people who have know idea who they are.

I am really pissed off to think a company can go in and charge your credit anytime they want.

Please take care of this. I want my money back and know more charges.

Monetary Loss: $14.


Cary, North Carolina, United States #708716

I would like to apologize for any confusion or misunderstanding you have regarding our program.

Please contact us at 1-814-726-6023, at your earliest convenience, and will be happy to resolve this matter.

EasySaver Rewards in San Diego, California - EZSVR RW


They ride on with something else, latch onto your credit card and jack you for 14.95 a month, every month, forever. We never saw it, or signed up for it.

It started to show up on our credit card every month, with nothing as a description saying what it was for.

We didn't even get flowers through ProFlower as we have a family florist that we trust and have dealt with for years. They don't hide a charge that you will get in perpetuity somewhere on page 4 of a checkout, not even being up front enough to put it on a seperate page so you Know that you are getting it.

Monetary Loss: $150.

EasySaver Rewards in Browns Mills, New Jersey - Automatic monthly payment from a pro flower order


I only last week discovered that $14.95 has been subtracted from my checking account since 2009. I am very embarrassed and furious at the same time.

I was outraged to talk to the people at Easy Saver and they finally said they would refund me 179.40. The total that they have taken from me was 583.05. I am waiting on the refund and just found this site. I will return to check on the refund and demand that I get the entire amount paid out.

Has anyone been successful in alerting law enforcement and filing a complaint. I had no idea this was happening and am sure I am not the only person they are getting rich on.

Monetary Loss: $583.



how in the world could you not have noticed this for over 3 yrs?

i just dont see this as possible.


how in the world could you not have noticed this for over 3 yrs?

i just dont see this as possible.

EasySaver Rewards in Macomb, Michigan - Easy Saver

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Don't know how we got "signed up for membership" with this business!!!! We have never used whatever this business offers.

Still, we have paid $16.95 since January of 2009 and did not catch it...guess I was "sleeping". When I called about canceling this "membership" they refused because I could "not give them the correct information". Soooo, they won't stop charging my checking account. Have since closed out

that account entirely.

Miserable way to get this resolved, but it worked.

This seems to be a scam. I am sorry I didn't catch it $748.00 sooner!!!!I certainly WON'T "sleep" again.


Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #689564

I totally understand this, my husband took over our checking account for awhile when I couldn't and didnt' question this because he thought maybe it a charge I had initiated. I never noticed it, until recently and yeah, its been going on for about 2 years!!!

I never signed up for this, I don't know what it is....

and I can totally relate to not seeing this or "sleeping"... I hope I can get my money back!

EasySaver Rewards in Midland, Texas - Easy Saver is taking money from checking by misled consent


have been getting charged since 2009!!! WTH!?

Hubby is always buying stuff and so am I online.....how did we not notice this for sooo long.... i feel so irresponsible and hubby is furious. We both thought each other had an old "gift" the other was paying off and so didn't think to ask questions! I finally asked if he remembered that it was there and whatever was shouldn't have taken so long to pay off.

He didn't have any idea what I was talking about. Searched it and found this site!!!!!!! I'm furious!!!!!!! $693.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They said I agreed to this. NO WAY. Who wants to waste money on a *** thing like this? I told them they had must of misled me in some way shape or form and i never caught it.

They said i had enrolled in another program and canceled that. Why wouldn't i have canceled this at that time if i had known about it? SO ANGRY!!!!

What can I do? SUE?

Monetary Loss: $693.



I had purchased flowers on line from Pro Flowers. they are the company behind these charges, We have just discovered we have been charged since 2009.

When I called to ask for a refund I was told that I would hear from their customer service on Monday.

I would like too see everyone who has been ripped off by pro flowers join together and file suit against them. Let it make national news right before Valentines day.


The same thing just happened to me-from 2008! I called and depended a refund; they assured me that they would send me one: $178 refund on checking account; another $627 in check.

CALL AND DEMAND YOUR MONEY BACK. I talked to Julie at Easy Savers; her phone number is 866.679.8655 x 472.

EasySaver Rewards in Sunnyvale, California - I did not sign up for Easy Saver

Not resolved

Easy Saver owes me $538. I did not sign up for Easy Saver, when I spoke to the customer service rep he asked if I ordered from Oriental Express, my response was yes my child does. He then proceeded to tell me that at the end of the order he would have gotten a popup asking if he wanted to save $15 on his next order and giving him a free trial of Easy Saver. He response was very rehersed.

I explaind that I did not sign up for anything and did not realize that they were charging me the 14.95 a month, but I would like to be refunded as I neither signed up or authorized my account to be charged.

The rep offered to give me information on how to log in online and start using the account after 3 years REALLY! What part of I did not sign up for this did he not understand...I told him I wanted to be refunded the approx $538 they have taken out of my account and cancel this subscription, and all he offered was to cancel and give me 59.95! I want my money back!



I am still trying to get resolution, this is very frustrating! But it has taught me to pay attention to my bank statements. Larry mine is also over $500 and that does not include any interest charges I may have been charged.


I'm another of the dupes who just caught the #14.95 monthly charge. They use these relatively small charges which most people do not catch and with an innocent sounding name of 'Easy Saver' I apperantly looked over it on my perusal of the account charges each month.

I, as well, contacted my credit card holder, Visa, who are investigating the charges which in my case, sadly, go bact to May 2009, a whopping $568!!!

I would think the credit card company would have notified me of this scam and do not intend to take some adjustment by them to me as a buyoff. We'll see when they advise the results of their investigaiton.


Well apparently my husband has been paying $14.95 a month since 2009 for this Easy Saver and never noticed. Well I did this month and I have contacted the credit card company fraud department who hopefully will be able to investigate this.

Crazy!! If I did accidentally sign up, I would think in two years I would have received something from then, an email, note, etc.

on perks but nothing. What a scam and shame on us for not noticing sooner.

EasySaver Rewards in Lindenhurst, New York - Easy Saver & American Leisure of Maryland

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Not resolved

Watch these businesses carefully.

They both illegally obtain credit data and bill you without permission and provide no services. They are a Subsidiary of EMI ( Encore marketing International ) and have been at this scam for many years. The Better Business Bureau averages 125 complaints a year on credit fraund against them. The Maryland Attorney Generals office is well aware of this fraud and unfortunenately has allowed it to continue for years. Since it's interstate fraud, the FBI is the only agency that might help put an end to this.

The only resort is to contact your credit card company. They will issue a new card.



I charge everything on my AM to maintain records of what I buy. I too bought flowers from Pro flowers back in 2009.

After investigating my bill. The fraudulent charges showed up. Different days most of the time.

AM told me they would investigate and I found a ton of complaints on Google. How can this company continue to do this!

EasySaver Rewards in Irvine, California - Proflowers/easysaver scam


I too was a victim of the Proflowers scam over a three flowers.. They perpetrated this scam and it couldn't happen without their complicity.

One is asked if they want to save $10 flowers and if you click "yes" you are sucked into the scam. I originallly went on line to order flowers to be sent a dying friend out of state and was ordering from work so I was doiong it quickly and I absolutely never saw the words "easy saver" anywhere on the screen. If it is there at all the print would have to be seen with a magnifying glass. I did receve checks from Easy Saver covering the amount scammed them after making several complaints.

My bank, Chase, does not regard it as a scam which is shocking to me since one can google "easy saver scam" and there are a multitude of entries. I am thinking of changing my credit card company.

I have instructed all of my children and friends to never use Proflowers again and I am filing a complaint against them.


Lutherville Timonium, Maryland, United States #920046

Two weeks ago, I discovered the same monthly transgression spanning more than four years. Yesterday, I filed a civil complaint in the District Court of Maryland for Baltimore County against EasySaver and Encore Marketing International. Stay tuned!

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #779194

I'm also victim of scam by "Easy Saver". I happened to check my wife's credit card bill and noticed they have been charging her $14.95 every month since 03/2013 and on and off since at least 2010.

I know I should have checked sooner but it wasn't my account so I assumed she was checking. She ordered flowers from proflowers couple times over the years but NEVER signed up for anything. I noticed in the beginning they were charging her card once every few months but starting

03/2013, card was charged every month. They probably figured she was easy target to scam since prior charges went uncontested.

I have since changed alert setting on her cards and canceled paperless billing.

Lesson learned..

If you ever dealt with pro flowers, make sure you check your CC statement so this doesn't happen to you.


I had the same thing, also through the Proflowers scam. Easy Saver charged me $14.95 for 2 years, I put a ton of stuff on the credit card like daycare/groceries/gas/everything so such a small amount was well disguised.

When I found it I called and fought with them for nearly 1/2 hour, even threatening to get it all back through court and they finally refunded it all. What a scam, I will NEVER order from Proflowers again, you guys should be ashamed of yourselves.


Thanks for the info.... the same happened to me.

I send flowers to my American Host family in 2009 and since them they are charging me $14.97/month...

and I live in Spain, how could I ever be interested in their product since they only operate in the US?

Did you get your money back?


We apologize for any bad experience you had with EZ Saver. We are no longer affiliated with them, however, when their program was advertised on our site, we made sure that the Terms & Conditions for the service were easily available.

The program was entirely opt-in, and for some customers, beneficial.

However, for customers who felt that they were not adequately informed when they accepted EZ Saver's terms, we do cover it as part of our satisfaction guarantee. -Steve @ ProFlowers

to proredpc Crewe, Virginia, United States #683980

Horsecrap Steve!! They just scammed my husband the same exact way at PROFLOWERS in May 2013!

There is NO benefit from these rip-offs and it is nearly impossible to make it stop.

I caught this in June 2013 and cancelled my credit card to stop it. So, beware..they are still alive and ripping folks off!

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EasySaver Rewards in Orlando, Florida - Scammed for years!!!


I am really pissed i have been charged $16.95 a month for the past 2 years and have not even known!!!!

i called they stated they will refund me in full.

I NEVER signed up for this BS.. Im amazed of how this palce is getting away with it!!! I will be contacting the BB. now i will sit back an wait for it.

If they do not refund me i will harras the *** out of them!! im still in ah over this how could i be that *** not to relize i have been charged this LONG!!!!

Monetary Loss: $300.



Thanks for the info.... the same happened to me.

I send flowers to my American Host family in 2009 and since them they are charging me $14.97/month...

and I live in Spain, how could I ever be interested in their product since they only operate in the US?

Did you get your money back?


Thank you all for info!!! I've been slammed at $14.97/month on my credit card for over 1 1/2 yrs.

Am just starting refund process.

I am also being slammed for $12.97 on credit card by IC Free Shipping.com ALSO following a ProFlowers order. I've ordered several times from them; never again!

EasySaver Rewards - I am beinh charged for something i did not sign for.


i have never evn heard from this company, i did not sign or authorize money to be taken out of my credit card they have taken 33.00 from my account already. I am pissed and have tried to cancel it but all i get is bs on the phone and everytime i get into their web sit to cabcel it goes into a whoops cannot access that web site .

it just horrivle how someone just get into your account that way. it robbing you and if you do not dispute it with your credit card you are doomed to keep paying for this bogus account.

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