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Yesterday I ordered flowers from proflowers.com and received a pop-up advertising easy saver rewards.

This "agreement" provided for $15.00 off any purchases made through proflowers for 30 days, and a subsequent charge of $14.95 to my credit card each month until I cancelled it (which according to their "agreement" I could do at any time with no effect on the 30-day arrangement).

I was also supposed to receive an email providing me with a special gift code. No such email ever arrived.

After spending 6 hours on-line, checking my email, and on the phone with proflowers, proflowers was finally able to obtain the promised code from easy saver. No surprise that the code provided was not accepted and I had to place my 3 subsequent proflowers orders on the phone with a proflowers reprepsentative, so they could manually apply the promised $15.00 discount to each order.

This morning I called easy saver and cancelled my membership in their fabulous rewards program.

What a scam!!

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Kane, Pennsylvania, United States #36312

this guy is a *** you can simply call to cancel at any time and still claim that 25$ walmart gift card AND the 25 dollar prepaid gas card just for simply trying each of the program for 30 days.... u have to call to cliam ur free gift cards dumb ***!!!

they haave a very friendly customer service and were there for me when i saved over 500$ in a month between gas groceries and when i went out to eat..... so SUCK IT!!!!

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