I just looked into my account and noticed that the *** easy savor and freeshipping.com just took out 14.95 (easy saver) and 71.88 from freeshipping.com. This is ridiculouse because I do not even know what these charges or for since the so called "free subscription" period hasn't even expired.

Does any one have any tips as to how fix this issue, i would greatly appreciate the feed back.

it's an outrage how they can do something like this when all you tried to do was order some flowers for mothers day and have to go through all this ***!!!

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I submitted a claim. Was in my claim history for a while and then it disappeared.

I did get paid for the first 3 claims including the proflower promo, but they have yet to pay me 4 other orders. Not sure if they're waiting to charge my monthly dues first before paying me, but not sure if I'll stick around if they're not making it easy but a headache for shoppers.


Debra has been posting anywhere someone complains about freeshipping.com

She is a shill


:)They are on the up and up. I just did business with them.

The rebate is in the mail. 1 800 869 5597 got me through to an agent,helpful and responded to my cancellation immediatly. Confirmation arrived in email in 1 minute.

I am waiting for the rebate, it's in the mail. There are no charges on my account (within 30 days).


I became very suspicous of freeshipping.com when they would not verify if any of the merchants I asked about were participating. They just said to sign up to get the full list.

If they were on the up-and-up, they would publish the full list of merchants that participate. But they won't, so I didn't join.

So glad I didn't. Sounds like more of a scam than a reputable service.


you signed up for it. the operator has your info.

it was put in on a different page that you entered.

Just call the number next to the charge and they will cancel and pro-rate your refund.


They are the worst.

FREESHIPPING.com ripped me off - took money for a whole year and they wouldn't refund all of it back to me.



Just call the following number:


That is the number to their customer service. Just explain to them that you did not want to sign up for the service after the 30 day free trial. I did that. The lady seemed really nice and helpful. The same day I was charged $71.88 I called them. They said they will refund me $71.68. That's like 20 cents less then what they took. I don't know why, but at least I will be getting most of my money back.

She said the money will be refunded to me account within 5 days.

So just call the number ASAP and explain what happened.

Best of luck to you.

I certaintly learned me lesson to read more reviews online and the contract better.

Kane, Illinois, United States #26590

Put them on one ship & drown them to death.. Thats what they deserve!!! But i knw for sure sooner or later they alble to taste the justice for God Almighty reapping innocent people w/c is absulutely wrong doing...

Vasco Da Gama, Goa, India #26434

Yes, enter in the 'CONTACT US' file email them they will contact you back and resolve the issue although you may have to call your credit company as well like I did and dispute the charge, the email I received said it was an annual fee that I NEVER subscribed to. Email replied your account has been canceled and a refund is in with 2-5 days.

This is complete BS as I never gave permission or my card #'s out so how they got it they wont answer.

But I will call the Better Business Bureau and complain also a call to the RCMP as I live in Canada and this looks like a USA company. GOOD LUCK.

Solotvyno, Zakarpats'ka Oblast', Ukraine #20897

You guys need to read about the program before you complain. It very clearly states that we will be billed after the 30 days once a year.

Ive submitted about 17 claims and have already made back $200. Everyone needs to realize this is a very specific forum for people with bad experiences, it does not represent the thousands of other members who are happy with the service.

to Brenna #1388300

you are right that money can me made and saved thru this site, but why do they engage in tricky and sly tactics of signing people up? this is how they make millions and even if refund the money, they have those funds for a while to play with.

and...btw...they bill you every month not just once a year!

Underwood, Minnesota, United States #17604

Adam, why would I read a contract to something I did not sign up for? I ordered my flowers off pro flowers and declined to sign up for the freeshipping.com yet they still took my info off the proflowers site and charged me. I will NEVER USE PROFLOWERS AGAIN!!!

Boyertown, Pennsylvania, United States #17391

I flat out told easy saver NO. They still made three attempts to charge my credit card.

I don't know how they got my information even. Lucky for me my bank declined the charges, because they were out of the ordinary for my spending habits.

Tucson, Arizona, United States #16588

Freeshipping.com sounds good but doesn't deliver. I've had claims lost.

I ultimately either have had to call or email to track down claims. Always to be given some excuse for why they haven't been processed in 5 weeks. Then they try to deny some.

Eventually though I've gotten a check. It can't be worth this.

Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, United States #16469

The way for this never to happen is to READ THE CONTRACT!!!!

Mamou, Louisiana, United States #15549

I just found the same thing happend to me! What a bunch of ***! Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

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