I want the 14.95 removed from my account - I don't know who they are or what I received from them - I will call them on Monday - of course it is Friday...

How do companies get away with this - I called the 1800 # and on their recording there is a website to cancel the easy saver - cancel.myeasysaver.com - I want the bogus charge removed as well as canceling the my membership????!!!!

I am getting very sick of the amount of access these consumer companies have to our $

I really believe our 14.95 should be returned by the company - I am not at all satisfied with just canceling my so called membership - There are already a good # of complaints - 14.95 X all these complaints adds up to a lot of $ They should be made to pay the $ back!

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I just called my Discover card rep and they had NO CLUE what this amount was for!!I NEVER SIGNED UP FOR IT!!

And fool that I am since I went paperless I was automatically paying my credit card without checking my statement until this month when I just happened to review my statement and there I saw it !! $ 14.95. I was shocked to say the least. I have been charged that since 2009!!

I guess somebody has had a great vacation ! And of course, it is a Sunday and nobody is around. I cannot cancel it over the phone as I do not have the so-called 'membership' number....how do these companies GET AWAY WITH SUCH FRAUD?????

How can I get my money back?Any one out there who was successful in getting back their money???


actually you got ripped off two differnt ways, first was Easy saver, Shari's is part of the same company that owns ProFlowers, Cherry Moon Farms, Red Envelope, Secret Spoon Sweets and others, (including QVC, HSN, DirectTV and the Atlanta Braves. They are being sued for passing credit card info to the Easy Saver people. People get pissed at one of the gift companies and place an order with a different group that happens to be the same people operating under a different name...

The credit card companies should have shut them down long ago for this type of behavior, but they have done nothing and no state attorney general has filed the criminal charges yet.

Scam #2.. Shari's Berries does not use chocolate, if you ask they will tell you their dip has no cocoa butter, and instead of getting some minor heath benefit from chocolate they are eating a vegetable oil mystery dip.


Someone has been using my card number and going wild. Please cancel and refund my 14.95. Please let me know by email.loisroepke@hotmail.com

Thanks :sigh


I was notified by the fraud department on my credit card that this reoccurring charge was posting.Thank goodness for that!

Checking into it, it looks like Shari's Berries does business with them and I frequently use Shari's Berries. I called Shari's and a very nice customer service rep gave me a number to call and handle the problem - 800-833-1292 - and asked if I'd ever entered my credit card info anywhere else but in the space for checkout in their site. I have not.

I am reporting the transactions as fraud to my credit card company.Shari's Berries is a class act with good product - sucks that they do business with such a crappy parasite of a company.


The same thing happened to me.I ordered flowers for my mother in law on mothers day from proflowers.

I was happy with there service until the next two months I was charged $14.95 from this ezsaver company!! never heard of this company and never signed up . If I did sign up wasn't even aware!! I always read the fine print.

This scam is really sly. Don't order anything from proflowers.

I won't order on line anymore.Too scary.


I too have been shafted by Easy Saver- My charge was auth. through with the ProFlowers.com company, in which I denied all programs and discounts when I was buying my mom mothers day flowers...I called the number attached to my charge on my bank statement, not believing anyone would pick up but some one did, and according to her, she cancelled rewards program and will be crediting my card back within the billing statement...I AM VERY SKEPTICAL to see if this ever happens, but apparently I have to get the ball rolling this way according to my bank first so that a paper trail is started, proof of trying to cancel w/ comp, cancellation #'s, blah blah blah. What a pain in the a**.

Just in case I am saving the number provided above from another scammed victim in case I never see a credit from them. The sad thing is that I really enjoyed using ProFlowers. Until this little problem occured I really thought they were a reputable company, and thier flowers always ROCKED. Now, I am very worried about giving my $$ to a company that works to drag thier customers through the EASYSAVER *** websites to complete the flower orders. I swear I denied/refused all offers even when they stated they were free, but according to the lady on the phone I didn't. WHATEVER!!

I too plan on staying on top of this scam even if the Easy Saver rep stated that its all been taken care of.....the entire phone call took less than 2 minutes, she already knew my address, ph # and type of C.card...

These strangers have easier access to our $$$ than we do!!

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:( Me too!

If you call this number, you can get your money back.


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