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Easy Saver Rewards is a scam of a business! My sister made a purchase with my debit card 5 years ago for Oriental Trading and naively, according to the company, accepted a free trial of this program.

Granted it was her fault, what angers me most is that year after year Easy Saver made no contact with me or my sister. Electronic statements were not popular 5 years ago, why didn't I receive any letter at least once a year to thank me for paying for a service I NEVER once used. Needless to say, I contacted Oriental Trading and found out their association was cut off over a year ago. Why did neither company send me an email or a letter letting me know about this change or to ask if I would like to continue with a program that had already by then charged $600 to my account if not more.

After complaining to the company they offered to refund me for 10 months, considering I paid for 60 months I am NOT happy. This company is unreliable, unprofessional and a scam!

Monetary Loss: $882.

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Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #795967

Silvia, excuses only satisfy the people

Who give them.....

to Anonymous #796008

Awesome, that refund was great though!



As much as I appreciate a little wisdom lecture from an Internet troll, I'll have you know I did inquire to my bank and the obviously not knowledgeable employee assured me it was my banking fees. So just in case you are also wanting to direct me in their direction and complain to them I already have. Regardless, I appreciate your useless comment.

Best Regards,


Columbia, Kentucky, United States #765878

Perhaps if you checked your bank balances monthly like normal, responsible people you would have caught the charge. You snooze, you lose.

to nikalseyn Los Angeles, California, United States #766076

Yes, my bank snoozed and therefore it lost.

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