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I signed up to receive the ProFlowers.com discount and unexpectedly registered to for the Easy Saver Membership. I saw some charges to my checking account from Easy Saver which prompted me to find this site.

Reading the reviews, I figured I had better cancel ASAP. It is so easy (thank goodness). You probably received an email with your ProFlowers discount with your membership info.

Go to www.easysaverrewards.com and log in with your email address and zip code. You can find their phone number 1-800-355-1837 and call and request to cancel your membership. It was easy!

I cancelled as soon as I saw some bogus $1.95 charge coming from my checking account. Hopefully this will be the last I hear from them...

Monetary Loss: $1.

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same here, thank for this information. I called them and gave them a piece of my mind and cancelled. Ask them how they feel about cheating people and earning their living as predators.


I Just took over my 94/89 year old parents bills and discovered this Easy Saver on their credit card which they have been paying for over 5 years. I was told that my Dad signed up for a "free"

30 day trial.

Some scam when you call the elderly and get them for 18.95 a month for over 5 years!!! I was refunded the current amount but when asked for a total refund was told no.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States #1015206

I didn't realize that I could get a refund! I too must have gotten Easy Saver when I used ProFlowers. They've been deducting $14.95/month for YEARS!

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States #1015203

Thank you so much for this information. I'm embarrassed to say how long I let this automatic debit go on.

I never used it, if indeed there was a legitimate use.

Thank you for this phone number! Finally canceled it!

Agoura Hills, California, United States #717776


Plymouth, Ohio, United States #674930

I am SO glad you posted these comments. I am in the same boat as others who've posted here - I bought flowers from ProFlowers in December of 2009 and Easy Saver has been dinging my checking account for 14.95 ever since.

How I missed it, I don't know - I feel really ***. I called Easy Saver and got some guy in India who cancelled the account and refunded the money that was debited just yesterday; then I called ProFlowers and they are now working on getting me a refund. Even if it's only a partial refund I will be grateful. I'm at fault for not being more observant; however, I know I did not knowingly sign up for this program.

It's more a matter of checking a box if you DON'T want to be signed up. I can see why ProFlowers cancelled their contract with Easy Saver.

Thanks, everyone, for providing this information. It was really helpful!


I just found these charges and apparently they date all the way back to 2008 (4 years ago). Shame on me for not catching it sooner!

I called Easy Saver and they nickle and dimed with me until I got 2 years worth of charges back. However, I then called ProFlower. Turns out they cancelled the partnership due to these issues and can get you a full refund. In my case it was 4 years worth of payments.

It was incredibly simple, just call ProFlower Customer Service at 1-800-580-2913.

Tough lesson learned but glad it didn't cost me anything in the end. Hats off to ProFlowers for doing the right thing!

to XXX Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #654290

Did you get your refund? I'm in a super similiar situation and am in the process of doing exactly what you did. Just wanted to know what to expect.



Please cancel my easy saver membership. Thank you. Oh by the way I did this already and I want my 14.95 back.


I just found out I have been being charged $14.95 per month for over a year, maybe longer. If this is not stopped and my money refunded, I intend to sue.


What a scam.... Scary...

I called 800 355 1837 which Easy Saver Member service (in India).

Apparently I have paid $ 14,95 every month since feb 2010.

They agreed to cancel this so-called member ship and refund everything I have ever paid in two batches. $ 179 to my bank account and $ 209 by check.


For those who were promised full refund by credit and the rest check, did you ever get both refunds?

I just went through all the calls... and was promised that. Wondering if I'll actually see it all.



I wish to cancell my membership to AMO Savers Rewards.This was an accident browsing on the net-it had to be automatically done-I have no account number with them to give them.They are taking 14.95 each month from my charge card since July of this year.I wasn't aware of it until this morning when my husband brought it to my attention.mhbobo@cox.net


I just noticed yesterday that my Credit Union account had been debited $14.95. They gave the name of AMO Easy Saver Rewards.

After reading some of the complaints online I realized that this happened when I ordered flowers from Pro Flowers. I was charged a membership fee without my knowledge for something I don't want!!!and didn't consent to.



Unknown to me, Easy Saver has been charging my account since May, 2009. Obviously I just didn't notice this charge!!!!

They told me refunds will start being issued after November 15, 2001.

Order by the Attorney General. ProFlowers shame on you!


Ditto. Purchased flowers in Dec '09, just now realized the charges of $14.95/month ever since.

Spoke to Thomas Hunt at 800-55-1837 at Easy Saver, says he'll credit six months worth to the card immediately, and will mail the balance of the full refund of $313.95.

We'll see... What a scam.


I was really ticked when I realized this was happening. They took 20 payment from me! Thankful my mom is a Brit, and I was able to get a full refund. This is what I did:

Call the 1-800-355-1837 number and straight away push 0 to get a person.

Give him your info.

Polity, but strongly complain. Ask them when your enrollment date was and the amount of payments they "took" from you. Make sure you emphasize how they have mis-guided you and "taken" your money.

Do not settle for the 6 month refund. Ask for all of it.


i had this happen also. iam trying to get it stopped and my money back to the tune of $250...

husband & i thought the other had done it but come to find out neither of us did. this was on an order for flowers for his moms birthday :0( very un happy


I noticed a $14.95 charge on my credit card statement. They wanted me to call the 800 number on the credit card statement, and if there was a problem in getting a refund to call the credit card company back.

After calling the credit card company, I called Easy Saver Rewards at 800-355-1837. I got the person's name and employee number, and a cancellation number. I asked for all charges to be refunded and was told I would receive $89.70 (6 months). I insisted on getting a full refund, so they transfered me to their "Consumer Affairs" department.

At Easy Saver Rewards, Consumer Affairs, I got the person's name and employee number. There, I was offered $119.60 (8 months). I was persistant in asking for a full refund. Then I was offered $179.40 (12 months), which is a full refund.

My only concern now is actually getting the refund. Both people at Easy Saver Rewards said it depended on my financial institution on when I would receive a refund. I don't trust that answer, so I am going to document the results with my credit card company.

I have ordered from ProFlowers in the past with no difficulties. Now, I think ProFlowers has made a very poor choice to link with Easy Server Rewards.

I believe this started from my ProFlowers order in December of 2009. I am sure some offer came up that looked like I was getting a discount for future purchases.

I think Easy Saver Rewards is pulling the credit card number from the ProFlowers order in order to make unsubstantiated charges to credit cards. I never sign up for offers like this.


HELP STOP THE SCAM! Anyone in this situation should call Freed & Weiss to join a building class action against the company behind this scam. (It's pretty easy, just call them and tell them your story).

Trilegiant is the company behind this abuse. They use bogus marketing tactics to get people to unknowingly sign up for memberships and then people are charged every month, again and again.

Call Freed & Weiss! Toll free: 866.799.9610. They need to hear from you so that they can move the class action forward and put a stop to this terrible customer abuse.

Email: info@freedweiss.com

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