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Charges showed up on my AmEx.I've blocked the charge and refused to pay the two they've posted.

Have NO idea who they are or what the heck the "service" is they think they've provided me, but hopefully this will be the end of it. I'd really like to know how they got my AmEx number, however doing a Web search has turned up many more people who have also had a problem with this company. The contact telephone number they put on my AmEx statement is not even a complete number! When I was able to find a number and call them I was told I needed my account number!

As far as I know, I don't have an account or an account number.Dog chasing tail.

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Cary, North Carolina, United States #708714

I would like to apologize for any confusion or misunderstanding you have regarding our program.

Please contact us at 1-814-726-6023, at your earliest convenience, and will be happy to resolve this matter.

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