EasySaver Rewards in Pasadena, California - Scam


have no idea where I signed up for this but it;s been charging me for a while and I have no idea what it does, my fault but it's an auto renew bill. Ugh Just cancelled it, and from reading the other reviews I won't even try to get back any money.

Horrible way to do business. Apparently it came as a free trial with a flower company I ordered from and then after the free trial I was billed every month for 14.99. I found this out using the new website asktrim.com. I bet a lot of people cancelled their account today.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

EasySaver Rewards in Portland, Oregon - Scam rectified


We had an issue with unapproved extraction of funds after and unauthorized membership to Smart Saver Rewards was established after making an online order to Old Pueblo Traders. Nearly $100 was taken from a bank account.

We contacted our state's Department of Justice - Consumer Protection Division and filed a complaint with an explanation of the issue. An enforcement officer with the Financial Fraud Division opened a file on our behalf and contacted Smart Saver Rewards with the complaint.

Within several weeks, and after considerable correspondence with the enforcement officer, Smart Saver Rewards refunded us all the money they withdrew from our account. Our words of advice: Contact your state's Department of Justice and file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Division.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

EasySaver Rewards in Birmingham, Michigan - Beware: American Leisure & Easy Saver piggy-back on your online purchases to "offer" trial memberships!


My 78 year old mother purchased a product from NuWave and little did she know two other companies piggy-backed on that purchase: American Leisure and Easy Saver (2 memberships to a club that is for travel discounts). Although they bill $16.95 monthly each and have different contact info, they are the same scam!!

In total, they have billed me $1,050 claiming my mother-who hasn't leisure traveled since 2005-was "offered" these trial memberships and that she was sent a verification email. They couldn't tell me who was the "3rd Party company" she purchased from because they work with several companies. I found out it was NuWave from my credit card company. My mother insists she did not accept any trial memberships because she knows how those go.

Therefore, it was either a box that was pre-check selected or a complete scam. How is this legal??

UPDATE: I went to the NuWave website and when you select to purchase, they make you go through 14 screens of offers, but in the end a "Precision Cooking Club VIP membership" is tossed in without ever being selected.

Reason of review: Not as described.

EasySaver Rewards in Houston, Texas - I WAS CHARGED $14.95 SINCE 2009!!! ProFlowers to the rescue!


Found a charge of $16.95 from "Easy Saver". Called the number listed and spoke to 3 different reps in India!

Ripped them a new one and was told that their management, in the good ol USA, would call me asap. Well they never did. I called Proflowers today and spoke to Cathy in San Diego and she knew of the issues surrounding the Easy Saver crooks. She told me her manager named Renee would call me on Monday.

She assured me that they would take care of the issue. Cathy was a delight to speak to.

So if you have the same issue, I suggest call Proflowers @ 1-800-580-2913. Don't even mess with the reps in India.

EasySaver Rewards - Don't know how I got this charge!

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Not resolved

I noticed a charge on my VISA card that I did not recognize. I called the 800 number and spoke to "Josh".

He could hardly speak English. When I asked about how this charge got to my credit card he could not explain. He said that he could not find my account---He asked for my account number. I don't have an account number!!!

I asked then how did the charge get to my VISA. He said that he didn't know. I asked what Easy Saver was. He explained the program and I would never, ever have signed up for this knowing I would be charged $15 per month.

I asked for an address and phone number. He could provide me with neither. I asked where he was operating from. He said that the 800 service operated for many companies all over.

He asked for my address. I provided it to him but he did not know how to spell FLORDIA or even that it was in the USA. Obviously, "Josh" was not in America. He wanted my credit card number.

At that point I said no he wasn't going to get that as someone had already used it to get money from me. I looked up Easy Saver on the internet and the same number that I called is listed as their number. So I find it interesting that you cannot speak to someone in the USA (if indeed this is a true company). I do have an address and will request specific information as to how and when I began being charged and signed up.

I don't have any hope of getting a response. I am disputing the charge with my credit card company. But I know that I must contact Easy Saver also as they initiated the charge.

I hope that everyone reviews their credit card statement. Not a happy person!

Monetary Loss: $45.


Gainesville, Florida, United States #846312

Yes they did me the same why on my new card but im glade in the numbers or none working but i got me a lawyer and somebody going down for fraud

EasySaver Rewards in New York, New York - Just got a $149.95 charge on my MasterCard


These sneaky, unscrupulous bastards put a charge of almost $150 on my card. So many people don't read their statements thoroughly or assume that their spouse or other cardholder made the charge and ignore it and that's how these crapweasels make money.

READ YOUR STATEMENTS AND BILLS CAREFULLY! I called them and they said my wife signed up. She didn't. It was probably slipped in during an online transaction, like everybody else says.

Caveat emptor. There is no free lunch! They said that the credit will be applied immediately and I asked for a confirmation from "Kevin".

He said that he couldn't tell me how long it would take my financial institution to process it. My next call is to Citibank.

Monetary Loss: $150.

EasySaver Rewards - Bought flowers on pro flowers. Was signed up for "easy saver " membership and they charged my credit card $14.95 every month for five years. I just discovered it.

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I have been charged $14.95 since 2009. Didn't notice charge on statement until today.

I missed the timing to participate in class action law suit that was settled in 2013. Pro flowers acted like they didn't know anything about it and said they have severed ties with easy savers, I'm screwed! Don't buy proflowers or sherries berries. I contacted chase and they can't do anything because I didn't report it on a timely basis.

This is a horrible scam. I never got any communication from this company after I allegedly signed up for my membership so it flew under my radar for moe than four plus years.

Monetary Loss: $1000.


Richmond, Virginia, United States #972593

Like many others on this site, I ordered Proflowers a few years ago and unwittingly signed up for Easy Saver. I should have reviewed my credit card statements much earlier, but last month I finally noticed the $14.95 charge hitting my credit card.

When I performed a Google search, that's when I finally noticed the monthly charge.

I don't know how I managed to enroll in this scam, but I will never order Proflowers again! That company should refund me for years worth of charges!

EasySaver Rewards in Los Angeles, California - Easy Saver Rewards charged my account for 5 years !!

Not resolved

Easy Saver Rewards is a scam of a business! My sister made a purchase with my debit card 5 years ago for Oriental Trading and naively, according to the company, accepted a free trial of this program.

Granted it was her fault, what angers me most is that year after year Easy Saver made no contact with me or my sister. Electronic statements were not popular 5 years ago, why didn't I receive any letter at least once a year to thank me for paying for a service I NEVER once used. Needless to say, I contacted Oriental Trading and found out their association was cut off over a year ago. Why did neither company send me an email or a letter letting me know about this change or to ask if I would like to continue with a program that had already by then charged $600 to my account if not more.

After complaining to the company they offered to refund me for 10 months, considering I paid for 60 months I am NOT happy. This company is unreliable, unprofessional and a scam!

Monetary Loss: $882.


Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #795967

Silvia, excuses only satisfy the people

Who give them.....

to Anonymous #796008

Awesome, that refund was great though!



As much as I appreciate a little wisdom lecture from an Internet troll, I'll have you know I did inquire to my bank and the obviously not knowledgeable employee assured me it was my banking fees. So just in case you are also wanting to direct me in their direction and complain to them I already have. Regardless, I appreciate your useless comment.

Best Regards,


Columbia, Kentucky, United States #765878

Perhaps if you checked your bank balances monthly like normal, responsible people you would have caught the charge. You snooze, you lose.

to nikalseyn Los Angeles, California, United States #766076

Yes, my bank snoozed and therefore it lost.

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EasySaver Rewards - $14.95 monthly charged to my AX card since 8/2013 never authorized

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Contacted AX to dispute charges and stop all future attempts of Easy Saver to make a charge on my account. I have never signed up for any monthly charge that would enable me to save money.

I am still trying to find/figure out how they got my credit card number. It has to be on an internet purchase, and when I identify the company I will post the information and never do business with them again.

I suspect some internet retailers do not realize what Easy Saver is doing, unless they are getting a kick-back. Be careful of internet purchases.

  • Easy Saver Scam


Columbia, Kentucky, United States #739158

Perhaps now you understand why it is important to check your monthly statements in a timely manner.

EasySaver Rewards - I'm sorry, who ARE you????

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Charges showed up on my AmEx. I've blocked the charge and refused to pay the two they've posted.

Have NO idea who they are or what the heck the "service" is they think they've provided me, but hopefully this will be the end of it. I'd really like to know how they got my AmEx number, however doing a Web search has turned up many more people who have also had a problem with this company. The contact telephone number they put on my AmEx statement is not even a complete number! When I was able to find a number and call them I was told I needed my account number!

As far as I know, I don't have an account or an account number. Dog chasing tail.


Cary, North Carolina, United States #708714

I would like to apologize for any confusion or misunderstanding you have regarding our program.

Please contact us at 1-814-726-6023, at your earliest convenience, and will be happy to resolve this matter.

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