EasySaver Rewards - My account was charged $14.95 for 11 months in 2011

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I just go my year end statement from my credit card and realize I have been defrauded of $180. I ordered flowers from Pro Flowers in January who, unknown to me, signed me up for something called Easy Saver.

I will never use Pro Flowers again as they are obviously aware that this is happening and has been happening to thousands of customers.

I am going to contact the Attorney General here in CT and see if they can prosecute both Pro Flowers and who ever else is involved in this ***. Because of another fraud completely, my card number was changed in Dec 2011, after which charges stopped but now my credit card company wants me to change my card again.

EasySaver Rewards in Sanford, Florida - Proflowers-EZ SVER RW scam


I too was charged 14.95 per month by EZ Saver after ordering flowers from ProFlowers. I called my credit card company, who offered to dispute six months of charges.

They called EZ Saver while I was on the line. EZ Saver initially offered six months of charges credited to my card. I refused and asked for "Dispute Resolutuon." These folks initially offered 12 months of charges credited to my account. I refused, and finally, they researched my "enrolement date" which was 2-09.

They finally agreed to credit the card for 12 months, and send a check for the remaining 13 months. If you are firm, they have the ability and system in place to make these refunds.

Monetary Loss: $553.


Spring Hill, Florida, United States #590555

I also have been scammed by Easy Saver. I am embarrased to say that it has gone on for 4 years.

They have $762 in fraudulant charges on my credit card. It began 1 day after I ordered from Pro Flowers on the internet. I am about to pay that card off and have been paying closer attention to the balance. I discovered this over the week end and, thanks to posts such as these, I found out that it is a scam.

I sent scathing emails both to Easy Saver and to Pro Flowers for passing on my confidential information. I was ready to seek legal advise but gave them until Mon. to get back to me. Pro Flowers called by Mon.

at 10am. They were very helpful and arranged for a full refund by Easy Saver.

Pro Flowers stopped doing business with Easy Saver in 2010 but for those of us who were already scammed, they just kept charging us. They need to be shut down!


I too was scammed. I am fighting the charges now.

EasySaver Rewards in Fremont, Ohio - Getting your money back


I ordered from Oriental Trading company in 2009 and must hav clicked on the coupon which then automatically signed me up for easy saver. I have been charged $14.95 for over 2 years without realizing it!

I called my credit card company (Chase) and cancelled that credit card. Chase opened a fraud investigation and I also contacted the BBB. I am extremely happy to report that I got ALL of my money back! I am feeling very lucky!

I never called Easy Saver since I read online that many people were given the run around. Get your money back!

EasySaver Rewards in Rothschild, Wisconsin - ProFlowers, Easy Saver Rewards sneaky membership charges

Rothschild, Wisconsin
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I purchased flowers through ProFlowers.com in May 2009. It wasn't until the end of August 2011 that we noticed a $15 monthly fee being assessed on our credit card for an Easy Saver Rewards club membership.

It turns out that when I signed up for the $15 discount offered at ProFlowers for my purchase, I was enrolling in this club that charged me $15 a month for more than two years!

I called Easy Saver, and while they refused to send any documentation, they did agree to refund all of my money. We'll see if they follow through.

But I thought ProFlowers might want to know they have a shady "partner."



We have just discovered the same thing - 19 months of $14.95 charges - unauthorized - after placing an order with Sherri's Berries. You have to assume that SB, ProFlowers, et.


already have a clue because the link that makes this scam possible is on their websites! We're going to start with the Easy Saver people to get a refund, then take it to our credit card company, and if necessary get the 2 lawyers in the family involved!

Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia #341235

I am sorry for your experience with ProFlowers. I would like to look into this for you.

Please call 866-526-9426. Sallie

EasySaver Rewards in York, Pennsylvania - Unauthorized credit card charges = EZ Saver

Not resolved

Do not even call EZ Saver. There is just bunch of layers!

After I find $14.95 each month for last 9 month I spoke with EZ Saver reps 7 times (at list 20-30 min each time) and did not get any result. Then I called my Corporate America Express card. I called AX and complained about EZ Saver. AmEx set block on my account for next charges from ENCORE MKTG (parent company of EZ Saver) and reimburse me of $139.91 One call for total time of 10 min!!!

So batter to call your CC and work with them, not with EZ saver.

EZ saver will promise you everything but not do nothing.

EasySaver Rewards in Salt Lake City, Utah - Easy Saver Crock of *** - Heisted just like you!

Not resolved

My wife questioned me just last night, what is Easy Saver and what did I spend 14.95 on. For the life of me I couldn't tell her- A little research showed that for 18 months they have been stealing from us, and apparently a lot of other people.

It irks me to no end. Presently in the process of trying to recover $270 of my own money. I NEVER SIGNED UP FOR THIS! I saw the box, thought I could get a discount on shipping, clicked it saw it for what it was and closed the window.

THIEVES! KARMA is a b**ch, and Easy Saver will get what's coming too them, very soon!

Monetary Loss: $270.

EasySaver Rewards in Fort Collins, Colorado - Easy Saver signed me up without my knowing

Not resolved

Easy Saver. I've no idea who they are. Just $14.95 each month. Guess they caught another consumer asleep. Really like to have my money back. Faint hope that. I'd like to know how I got on their list.

I have gotten no info from them. No follow up after "joining." Who are they? Where are they operating? if they are a stateside operation can we get that state's AG into the act? If an action is anticipated, sign me up.

I guess I'm as cranky with myself for being caught as I am with them for catching me.



I just spoke with ProFlowers. They offered no help except to say, "the program is being phased out."


I AM LIVID!!!! just discovered monthly payments to Easy Saver dating back to March, 2009 for PRO-FLOWERS purchase by my husband.

I telephoned today and together my husband and I will be speaking to a representative this evening to have this situation corrected. will provide update - glad I found this website - it's been a help.


They were doing the same thing to my wife's credit card (for over two years). I called and received two checks today for full reimbursement.

Make sure you tell them you want every dime they've taken from you refunded by check within a week. I noticed there was a settlement with the Fla. Attorney General a couple of weeks ago.

Maybe that got them moving. Whatever you do call and tell them what I adviced above.

Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia #320105

Hello Gene! I work for ProFlowers memberships department.

I apologize if you were enrolled in the program and that was not your intention. We do not want you to pay for a membership you have not received benefits from.

Please contact our membership department so we can assist in resolving this issue for you. I can be reached at 877-780-7050.

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EasySaver Rewards in Mont Belvieu, Texas - Signed me up without my knowledge!

Mont Belvieu, Texas
Not resolved

I had no idea I apparently signed up for Easy Saver rewards through some small script when I placed an order with PRo Flowers. I do not understand how a professional service allows this to happen.

I will be contacting my credit card services to see about refunds for however long I have been charged for this service! I am hoping they can tell me how to take care of this problem.

With our economy in such rotten shape and unemployment so very high, I just have to say this is really, really not a nice thing to do. Wow!

EasySaver Rewards in West Hills, California - Easy Saver :This "company" is a ripe off


This company is a ripe off, they been charging me $14.95 monthly since August 2009 and I just noticed it. At first they only going to refund me a year because thats what I know with my statements, (I only file one year), but when I asked how long they been charging me this "membership" fee they said since august 2009, they send me a check with a part of my refund but I still waiting for the rest that is going to be electronically refund to my credit card account.

They said they did it 3 weeks ago, I called my card company nothing appeared, I called again to them and told me they need 4-10 days more, so they were lying me all this time????

We need to make a follow up with this awful company don't give up until they return every cent they got from you. I that's what I going to do too.

Monetary Loss: $14.



My wife and me had the same problem as Gary. Called them twice and the second time they told us they would give us 12 months on the credit card and the other by check.

Fight this because it is a scam for all people.

Too bad this happens to people. Gary, did you ever get your money??


In February of 2010 I ordered flowers from Proflowers.com and clicked on this easy saver button for a discount and didn't realize they had signed me up for a monthly charge of $14.95. I just caught it 12/23/2011.

I called them and they said they would put half on my credit card and the other half will be sent to me as a check. I disputed the current charge on my card.

I will have to wait and see if they refund my money. Shame on me for not catching it sooner but shame on them for doing business like this!

Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia #320113

Hello! I sincerely apologize for your experience.

I work for ProFlowers Membership Department. If this issue has not been resolved to your satisfaction please contact us at 877-780-7050.

EasySaver Rewards in Eugene, Oregon - Easy saver ,took my out of my accout with out my approval


I never sighed up for easy saver, i want the money put back into my account now, I dont even know who in the *** you people are and how you got the right to take my money from my account ,Julie Dunn I well be calling on monday And Im going to be reporting this. Im so pissed off right now, Put the money back into my account, I dont know what your service is and never heard of you.This is march 13th, People beware make sure you check out your bank statements, then get on the phone right away.

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