All I did was order flowers for a funeral !? About two weeks later I am looking at my account on line

and there is a charge of 14.95 from this place easy savers. How do they get away with this?? I did not aurthorize this payment. It seems to me that "Pro

Flowers" needs to get this monkey off of its back before they loose business..... or maybe they too are in on this scam. I will never purchase anything from pro flowers again until they make this right!

There are alot of scams out there but this one tops em all.... Just steal money off your credit card. Pissed ?? *** right Im pissed!!!

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Jacksonville, Florida, United States #786815

Easy Saver has been taking money from my account since may 09'.My fault I just recently noticed it.

I do all banking on line and just happened to notice the 14.95 coming off my bank statement. upon calling EasySaver, they informed me that I signed up on ProFlowers for a discount or no shipping. I was not made aware of anything else. The company had an email address I haven't used in years.

This is where they say they sent a notice to cancel before my 30 day trial was up. Obviously, this notice was never sent to me. They have charged me $14.95 since around May of 2009. I have never seen any options of travel, hotel discount, special pricings, etc...

via email. How could I have used the services I was supposedly paying for if I never knew what they were? I have received a small refund from them recently but not the total amount I feel I am due.

I feel that their refunding me money is an admission of their wrong doing.Would anyone else agree?


I do not want to have this program and I do not want to be a member. Take me out now and do not charge me any more money on my credit card and return my money back.

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