They take funds out of my bank account without my authorization. This has been going for several months where funds have been take out out of my banks (ESI-easysaver and ESI Leisure) have not been able to reach and one has returned my calls.

I leave a message and no one returns my calls. How do I reach them or get them to stop and pay me my money?

I would never have any thing to do with them I don't know how they obviously get you to give your information to something else then take and put you on a monthly payment schedule.

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I had the same problem do not know where they got my information and my bank will not refund the money!!!


if they are taking your money out of the bank, you need to go down to your bank tell them that you never told them that they could take any money out and they will have you sign a paper stating, that easysaver will have no more rights to get any of your money.

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