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I saw an unauthorized debit in my account for the amount of 14.95. I went to the bank to request an investigation. They told me that I have to cancel the service. But, what service? I did not applied for a service of that company called Easy Saver. They must have entered in my account when I made a purchase in internet using my debit card.

Easy saver is charging me 14.95 for what? I did not know how they entered in my account. That company invade the space when someone is paying for a purchase in Internet. It is a trick and a fraud.

That was an unauthorized withdrawal from my account.

Monetary Loss: $74.

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Mine came from pro flowers after it said that it would cost me $1 to join to save on shipping flowers. You have to go through so much to get the discount, and then, it is not instant, it is a reimbersment.


I too have been had !They took money out of my acct. and I think it was the acai berry thing.But, I had ordered flowers at the same time from pro flowers.:(

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