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When I found out about this program I was in disbelief. they say u will receive a 1000 dollar grocery voucher, 2 $25 Walmart gift cards, $25 gas card and a $50 diner card 2 whatever restaurant I choose if I take part in a free trial 30 day offer and just pay for the shipping and handling and for 5 bucks more I will receive my $1000 grocery voucher, 2 $25 Walmart gift card,$25 dollar gas card and my $50 diner card within 3-5 business day.

(Sounds good to a single mom with 4 kids, one car,and no job. My only source of income is disability.) I continuously ask the representative wheres the gimmick whats the catch I even asked here did our President Obama have something 2 do with and she laughs n say no they are totally for consumers services. So I give her my debit card number and she *** $17 out of my account that.Well today I receive in the mail 2 pieces of cardboard with mail in coupons on them no vouchers for the groceries just a box to check and a address to send it to and it will take 2-3 weeks before you receive your membership and then you must redeem your coupons within 45 days of paid membership.(There's the gimmick). I call the 800 number provided 2 me and they cant explain nothing to me about my funds they took out my account for the vouchers that I was suppose to receive in the mail in 3-5 days it was a third party that billed me sorry for the misunderstanding its nothing we can do but cancel your membership but I will be out of my $17 and I wont receive anything.

They cant even give me the number to corporate. Have I been scammed or what.

Monetary Loss: $17.

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easy saver is doing business with proflowers, shari's berries, cherry moon farms, red envelope and others.. they are being sued for passing passing credit card info to easy saver.

The customers said they didn't sign up for the service and never got any benefit.. pretty much sounds like a scam


I heard about this program on the radio in my car while driving home yesterday. I called and was told that I qualify for a $1,000 grocery voucher and that all I needed to do was provide my credit card (visa or master card only) for a one time $4.95 handling charge.

When I questioned why it had to be a credit card, the agent hung up on me. Before this happened, I told her that I needed to call her back because I didn't have my card in front of me. She replied that she would hold on until I got it. The call got disconnected and so she called me back.

That's when I started asking her questions about the "one time charge on my credit card". The call came from Inglewood California and the number is 310-256-2424. I intend to contact the U.S. Attorney General's office to file a complaint.

I hope that you and anyone else who was scammed will do the same. These people need to be stopped.

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