I placed an order from Proflowers.com and inadvertently clicked the $15 coupon button without reading the fine prints - thinking it was a discount coupon from Proflowers.com! Needless to say I was horrified the next day when I realized what I had done.

My bank account was charged $1.95 by EasySavers that same day, but I never received an e-mail confirmation from that marketing company. I waited 7 days and finally called its 800# to make some inquiries. But later on I canceled my membership right away after I read the complaints on this website. I called their 800-355-1837 # and had no problem cancelling it. The rep. on the phone was nice and didn't ask any questions.

I am just thinking how many $1.95 this company had collected without having to sell or do anything. Most people were probably happy to be off the hook by canceling the membership and forgo the $1.95 charge. There must be hundreds of thousands of suckers like me out there.

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you're not a sucker or an *** - the same thing happened to me and I didn't even click the ad b/c I knew it was a scam! After I placed my order, I received an email with the 10.00 off coupon.

I opened the email, then deleted it.

I still had my credit card charged. They are sneaky and clearly unscrupulous.

Tollegno, Piemonte, Italy #48653

Yup, you're a sucker. And an ***. Read the fine print.

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